Mutilate  Cover Your Tracks - Netscape 4.0X & 4.50



Covering Records of Online Activity Left on Your Hard Drive by Netscape 4.0X or Netscape 4.5X


Delete the following files to hide traces of online activity left by Netscape (Your path to these files may differ): 

C:/Program Files/Netscape/Users/default/cookies.txt

C:/Program Files/Netscape/Users/default/netscape.hst

C:/Program Files/Netscape/Users/default/prefs.js

C:/Program Files/Netscape/Users/default/Cache/*.*

To remove the files from your hard drive so they cannot be recovered, use Mutilate File Wiper or the Power Mutilator.

You should be able delete these files without any adverse complications. Please note, however, some sites, such as Microsoft, may require intact cookies to perform some features. You may have to re-register & establish a new cookie.

Note also, deleting the file 'prefs.js' removes Netscape's drop down list of URL's. It will also cause you to lose any changes you made to the default Netscape preferences (such as the default home page, appearance options, your email address, etc). You may want to review Netscape Edit | Preferences before proceeding. Alternatively, set the desired preferences, then change the pref.js file to a read-only file. Now, changes to your drop down list of URL's will die after each Netscape session. On Netscape 4.50 setting the prefs.js file to read-only may cause Netscape to crash on exit. 

You can change the 'cookies.txt' and 'netscape.hst' files to read-only files for similar results.


Warning: The above information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Proceed at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any complications resulting from the use or misuse of this information.

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