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Normal File Deletion is NOT secure.
Deleting files merely removes the file system's pointer to the file, ALL THE DATA REMAINS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. Data recovery or forensic software can easily recover the files you delete. Your sensitive files may also be vulnerable to advanced recovery techniques, EVEN WHEN OVERWRITTEN, by analyzing latent magnetic traces.


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Get the premier file eraser and disk free space wiper for Windows 10 and prior, 32/64 bit. Mutilate will securely delete (or "wipe") sensitive files from your hard drive. Choose one of Mutilate's three security levels, or, configure a customizable level for up to 297 overwrite passes. Select target files with Mutilate's easy to use program interface, or, skip the interface altogether and right-click target files directly from Windows Explorer. With Mutilate's disk free space wiper, you can even destroy previously deleted files lurking on your hard drive. Protect your privacy! Mutilate can also dramatically reduce the size of compressed virtual machines when you wipe the driveís free space with 0ís. Screen Shots.


Covering Your Tracks
Your browser keeps extensive logs of online activity on your hard drive. Click on this link to learn how to clean up those tracks. Don't just delete those files! Instead, truly erase, overwrite and purge your Internet history.


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